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  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full mouth reconstruction refers to extensive dentistry where the patient's mouth will have to be completely rebuilt. Usually this is due to major accidents or severe diseases causing devastating damage and tooth loss. This can also apply to those with lots of missing teeth who would like the benefits of fixed teeth as opposed to dentures. As every case and every patient is very different, each patient who needs full mouth reconstruction will have a range of diagnostic tests carried out on them to ensure they are restored back to full health and aesthetics. Some of these tests include:

    Facial contour analysis
    Lip and cheek support
    Chin profile
    Speech patterns
    Eating and chewing patterns
    Smile lines, speech lines and resting lip patters
    Relationship of jawbone and facial muscles

    Our expertise and vast experience in dealing with the most severe cases of tooth loss allows us to perform the kind of miracles which have been able to transform the lives of so many people. If you are concerned with the function or condition of your mouth or have dentures and would like to have fixed teeth, book a consultation with us. He will be delighted to help you get back on the road to smiling again.

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