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  • Dentures

    Dental Dentures

    Unfortunately, usually due do dental disease, tooth decay or illness, teeth can fall out. The most cost effective way to replace these teeth is to have a denture fitted. We offer two types of denture at Sensura Dental, full arch or partial arch dentures. A full arch denture is used when a patient has lost all of the teeth in either their upper or lower part of their mouth. Some patients may have no teeth at all, in which case both top and bottom full arch dentures will be required. Partial arch dentures are used when a patient has only lost a few teeth in their mouth. These dentures are smaller and are made to replace the specified missing teeth in the patient's mouth whilst 'working around' the remaining natural teeth.

    Am I suitable for dentures?

    If you have missing teeth and you are interested in getting a denture fitted, book a consultation with a member od the team. We will be able to advise you on whether having dentures fitted is the best treatment for you and can also explain other possible treatments, such as dental implants, which may be much more effective.

    How much do dentures cost?

    Dentures at Sensura Dental start from £600.00 for a partial denture or £800.00 for full dentures.

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