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    About Sensura Dental

    Sensura Dental is a clinic dedicated to providing the best in dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry. We are internationally renowned for our exceptionally high standard of implant and general dentistry.

    We are committed to providing the ultimate standard of quality service in restoring and maintaining your dental health in an atmosphere of professionalism and clinical confidence.

    Our aim is to create results for our patients, which enhance the quality of their lives through our dedication to understanding their fundamental needs by means of precise and clear communication.

    We treat the person, not just their teeth.

    We at Sensura Dental have a unique approach to patient care. In all our treatments, we follow a synergistic approach in which all the members of our team are involved in treatment plan from the outset. This team consists of the implant treatment patient co-ordinator, the surgical dentist, the restorative dentist, the dental technician and the dental hygienist working in a carefully planned systematic method.

    Of course, the centre of the team is always you, the patient.

    We strive ourselves to provide leading edge dentistry. This includes using the latest state of the art materials and techniques and the most up-to-date technical procedures. We provide optimised solutions for each individual patient depending on their needs after careful and detailed assessment.

    We are recognised for providing complete dental care for our patients. This may involve the use of other specialties such as endodontics, periodontics and orthodontics. We will co-ordinate the treatment specifically to the demands of our patients to ensure that it takes place in a logical manner.

    Everybody deserves to have a fantastic smile and teeth that they can eat with in comfort. With modern techniques this is now an everyday reality and patients no longer need to be embarrassed or worried about their teeth giving rejuvenation and incredible self confidence.
    We treat our patients as we would treat members of our own families.

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    • Sensura Dental is a clinic dedicated to providing the best in dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry.